Dead End: Robots

E.C.H.O sat, hunched slightly in front of the surveillance cameras. She didn’t need to, but somewhere in her database, she felt as though she had to. After all, two of her creators were fond of that position while they were working.

It had been about a year since she’d blown through her final scientist. He hadn’t been anyone she’d known, so there was little remorse when his portal launched him too far. But this new boy…

Hamilton had been soundly sleeping in the room she had prepared for him for fifty-eight days now. He reminded her uncannily of Marcus. She smiled ruefully, a simple twitch of her lip.

“Res? Are you out there?” The android was still calling through the halls. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!”

E.C.H.O sighed, turning her microphone on.

“Look, metal boy-”

“Oh! E.C.H.O!” He chirped, faux British accent in full effect. “You have any clue where she is?”

E.C.H.O sighed. “I have no memory of an ‘Resonance’ in my data banks.”

“Maybe one Fiona Haninozuka?” He asked, blue eye finding the camera. E.C.H.O resisted a groan.

“That is a faulty alias.” She replied dully.

“Aha!” He pointed at the camera. “So you do know her!”

“Metal kid-”


She let out yet another heavy sigh.

“William. Your friend is probably long dead.” E.C.H.O said quietly, more gently than she’d said anything in a long time.

“Resonance couldn’t have!” He insisted. “Sciencia told me that she was just in a coma and-”

“Well there is a seventy-percent chance they lied. Forty-five percent that the lie was incidental.” She explained cooly. W.I.L.L seemed to pout.

“If you do see her, you’ll tell me, right?” He quipped. She settled for an elongated groan, wishing to massage her temples.

“Why would I tell you anything?” She asked dryly, orange eyes narrowing. He chuckled.

“Because you remind me of her! Kinda, at least.” He scratched at his empty socket, the blue eye that was meant to be there long gone. “She was a lot more energetic and happy, but when she got snippy and sarcastic, she was a lot like you.” He looked down again, blue eye dimming slightly.

“My name is E.C.H.O. I am an artificial intelligence formed by Marcus and Byakuya Potestas.”

“They got married?!”

“Goodbye, metal boy.” She rolled her eyes, cutting off the audio.

Dead End: Robots

Just Wondering…

How would you all feel if I uploaded some of my short stories here?

To be real with you guys, I have always thought of it. But I am a little shy when it comes to actually doing it. I mean, someone could steal my work. But my main character, Resonance, would probably be fearless in presenting it…

Tell me in comments, okay?

Stay beautiful, babes!

The Lovely Ms. Artis

Just Wondering…


If there is a question on the Silla Kingdom on the Regents, I will visit City Hall and DEMAND for an explination over why we had to learn about that.

If they have a reasonable one, I will find my ninth grade history teacher and fully and painfully interrogate him.

-The Lovely Aggrivated Ms. Artis


Just a Quick Update

This is more of a casual one, not assigned by my teacher so I do not exactly have a set plan for what to say. But I do have some people who have visisted the site because they want to know more about how I have been fairing. Shocking, I know.

INFO-CHAN, YOU FIEND! Oh… this is outdated? 😥

In any case, I have been pretty hard at work at school what with friends and schoolwork and all. However, there has been one main thing taking up my time: poetry.

Essentially the writing process for poetry.

I currently have four poems written and shown to teachers which is more than I’ve ever had in one year! One of them I completely wrote on a whim but it one of my longest. Another I’ve written for a contest where I could win $250. One I said in front of my entire school.

I seriously thought that would happen bro.

I didn’t faint and I was able to get tons of applause for it. So I am a bit confident about my chances in the slam poetry competition. So I guess I’m starting to feel better about my writing? Not that I was not already confident, but sometimes… you start to wonder if people actually like the way you write or if they were just lying to you this whole time.


Yeah, I know that is certainly not a healthy way to think. But this is just to show that everyone needs validation for their work. Even “writing goddesses” such as myself. In fact, one of my readers who has contacted me could probably use more validation in their life. I wish they had a blog for me to point to but they probably would not appreciate it.

Bro I can already feel their judgement even as I write this. 

So I guess that was an update? I hope you guys liked it. Comment below if you would like more of this and I might do some more sloppy things like this!

Kisses to all,

The Lovely Ms. Artis

Just a Quick Update

The Struggle…

Has been mildly real? Reality is a strange concept in and of itself, am I right? But that’s not the point of this assignment. The subject I am required to talk and elaborate on is what class I have found most challenging in my (two) years at this high school.

Really? “Challenging”?

I know. Why am I not fed up with these asinine shenanigans? Well I am, but I have to do this to pass as a normal civilian that may be saved by Barry Allen. Or Captain America. Or someone hot. Hopefully not Deadpool though. I am not going to deal with that crap on that day. So on with the words!

As much as I would love to lie to you and say every class is a struggle but still I carry on, I can’t exactly say that.  Instead, I will be truthful and tell you that Honors and Spanish have been a bit of a struggle for me. So basically advanced English and a second language have been a bit hard for me, if I were to simplify it. That makes sense though: those classes are supposed to be challenging. Unless you already know Spanish as a native speaker, you are bound to struggle in learning a different language with different grammar rules, structures, and words. And honors is designed to challenge everyone in learning through different lenses and writing long essays at the end of a mini unit.


Oh come on, it’s just regular English class only with more advanced vocabulary and thought behind it. It’s like French: a fancier version of Spanish.

My technology teacher once he reads this.

Okay, I promise I’m done with the p’wning. Now to the artifact that I shall be showing.

In Honors this trimester we’ve been discussing literary lenses. The ones we have covered so far are Gender, Critical Race, and Marxist. Sadly, not everyone in my class has become a social justice warrior because lenses does not change minds instantaneously. That’s why Fox “News” still exists.

Dude you need to stop burning people. You need to get to the actual post girl.

Okay, okay. Here is my essay for presentation.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.23.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.23.45 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.24.50 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.25.20 PM.png

I had a hard time writing an essay such as this. To prove that a so-called feminist anthem was actually patriarchal was quite the task that I put upon myself. However, finding evidence was even harder to do. The answers were never clear. Sometimes when doing essays like this, I feel like I should give up. And my grades last trimester were barely passing.


Okay, they were close to passing. But they could have been better if I had pushed myself. This time, I really did push myself to write a good, formal essay. And yes, I do put my punctuation outside of my quotes. That is what the rest of the world does, MR. MANK.


I have been doing pretty well in Spanish from my teacher’s perspective, yet I will always feel like I am not doing well. Maybe that is just because Spanish will always feel difficult. I mean, my friend ( has actually had a much harder time with learning English and Spanish! Yet she does even better than me in school. So basically she is a boss and you guys should check her out.


In short, one does not need to do “bad” at something for it to be challenging. Success as a feeling only comes from overcoming something one struggles at. Honors is something I struggled at and occasionally did not get good grades in. My grades this and last year for Spanish has lead people to assume that I am the naturally good at this course. But really, I barely have it together for the class! Hard work is the only way to get great grades in a class and feel satisfied with said grade.

But hey, that could just be me! Tell me what you think below. I really would love to have a conversation with whoever besides my teacher reads this blog.


-The Lovely Ms. Artis

The Struggle…