Dead End: Robots

E.C.H.O sat, hunched slightly in front of the surveillance cameras. She didn’t need to, but somewhere in her database, she felt as though she had to. After all, two of her creators were fond of that position while they were working.

It had been about a year since she’d blown through her final scientist. He hadn’t been anyone she’d known, so there was little remorse when his portal launched him too far. But this new boy…

Hamilton had been soundly sleeping in the room she had prepared for him for fifty-eight days now. He reminded her uncannily of Marcus. She smiled ruefully, a simple twitch of her lip.

“Res? Are you out there?” The android was still calling through the halls. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!”

E.C.H.O sighed, turning her microphone on.

“Look, metal boy-”

“Oh! E.C.H.O!” He chirped, faux British accent in full effect. “You have any clue where she is?”

E.C.H.O sighed. “I have no memory of an ‘Resonance’ in my data banks.”

“Maybe one Fiona Haninozuka?” He asked, blue eye finding the camera. E.C.H.O resisted a groan.

“That is a faulty alias.” She replied dully.

“Aha!” He pointed at the camera. “So you do know her!”

“Metal kid-”


She let out yet another heavy sigh.

“William. Your friend is probably long dead.” E.C.H.O said quietly, more gently than she’d said anything in a long time.

“Resonance couldn’t have!” He insisted. “Sciencia told me that she was just in a coma and-”

“Well there is a seventy-percent chance they lied. Forty-five percent that the lie was incidental.” She explained cooly. W.I.L.L seemed to pout.

“If you do see her, you’ll tell me, right?” He quipped. She settled for an elongated groan, wishing to massage her temples.

“Why would I tell you anything?” She asked dryly, orange eyes narrowing. He chuckled.

“Because you remind me of her! Kinda, at least.” He scratched at his empty socket, the blue eye that was meant to be there long gone. “She was a lot more energetic and happy, but when she got snippy and sarcastic, she was a lot like you.” He looked down again, blue eye dimming slightly.

“My name is E.C.H.O. I am an artificial intelligence formed by Marcus and Byakuya Potestas.”

“They got married?!”

“Goodbye, metal boy.” She rolled her eyes, cutting off the audio.

Dead End: Robots

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